World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day

What is Telecommunication?
Communication which is done over a distance by cable, telegraph, or broadcasting is known as telecommunication.

World Telecommunication Day has been celebrated annually on 17 May since 1969, marking the founding of ITU and the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention in 1865. It was instituted by the Plenipotentiary Conference in Malaga-Torremolinos in 1973. On 17th May we have been celebrating it for over 50 years and this year it will be 51st time. The main objective of the day is to raise global awareness of social changes brought about by the Internet and new technologies. It also aims to help reduce the digital divide.

Telecommunication now not only deals with services like telephone, fax and is not limited by cable but now it has turned over the internet and became wireless with the modern age. Now people far over meet virtually which wasn’t possible around 15-20 years ago and if it was, it wasn’t that easy or convenient for each class of people. But now it is probably accessible to everyone. No matter whom so ever it might be, a normal person or someone from a corporate world.

The Indian government has also taken noteworthy steps to make communication easier for people by giving tablets to students and by teaching the use of mobile phones and laptops to people of villages. When we are talking about telecommunication we can’t forget our own Indian telecom company JIO which took the whole telecom sector at a different level and provided calls and data at cheaper rates than any other companies. The government also launched a program like DIGITAL INDIA where almost every work and tasks are being taken to a digital platform.

The journey of telecommunication started from Beacons and pigeons, to Telegraph and telephone, to radio and television, to Computer networks and the Internet, to Digital media. From 2G, 3G, and 4G now we are going towards 5G. And within a short span, we will be accessible to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which an information society is built.” ~Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

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