World Ocean Day

World ocean day is celebrated on 8th June of every year since 2009. This day was added in order to spread awareness on the impact of human activities on ocean. In past few decades the quality purity of ocean has degraded at an alarming rate. They are known as the lungs of Earth. But if we take a look at our past actions in concern with “Lungs” we have, we will see that we have taken them for granted. There was a time when the Earth was all water with no dry land to reside upon. The day is also celebrated to remind nations and people of the borders that we share of water with each other and how oceans don’t discriminate with its resources to the people despite the fact of how our activities are harming the ocean. Ocean alone is responsible for 40% oxygen in the atmosphere. And the entire oceans combined provide 3 billion people with various needs for survival on daily basis. In last 20 years a total of 13 whale species have been endangered due to continuous human activities including plastic dumping, oil leaks and dumping construction materials. The list of items ocean provides us to maintain our lifestyle is endless and so is the list of human activities that harms the water land. The day was proposed in order to take a day off from our daily lives and take a look at our deeds that is leading us to a vicious future. Take a day off to make humans realize how they themselves are digging their own graves.  It is shameful on our part how we as humans need to find a day to pay our respects and gratitude towards something that has been nurturing us since we came into existence. Food is one of the few things ocean has gifted us and so we must not forget how grateful we are to have these humongous water bodies. And thus I believe more ocean cleaning movements should be encouraged among the youngsters. We all as humans should give our maximum efforts so as to regain the healthy oceans like we wish for the coming generation. Without ocean Earth too would be like another lifeless rock floating around in the black void we call space.

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