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It is World Environment Day, and the humans are supposed to plant trees and plants; not only today, but every day to protect the land which they devour every single day of their lives. Things need to get better; go back to the way they were. Now, giving you the statistics is not going to help, we know already that it’s big and bad; it will shatter you. June 5 is supposed to remind us of all every year of the threat that we are to our planet.

The nature is trying to fight too now. The pandemic is the nature’s way of avoiding pollution, avoiding the people and the unaffected and selfish population. This pandemic is a ‘beacon’ if you will wake us all up and teach us the importance of our planet. This is the way of nature taking authority in its own hands. This catastrophe has gone too wild for too long without the humans doing anything to put a halt or a permanent interruption to it. Our Mother Earth has been more than generous and welcoming to us and our filthy conventions and habits and now she has turned the tables and decided to do what’s good for her.

We have to learn not one, nor two, but multiple things from this pandemic. The greens around us are kind and helpful, we should be too. Hug a tree or two, inhale the complimentary air that comes with your long and greedy life and for once, be thankful. Feel the generosity not only on June 5 and try to give back more than you receive, but this planet also deserves it. We have to start celebrating the globe and respecting it for everything that it is and has done for us.

Pull your chairs, browse through some articles and magazines and do something for this glorious planet! GIVE BACK!

This Environment Day, TEDxGoldenBridge is taking an initiative to plant a tree on your birthday and send you pictures! Our team will look after your plants, nurture them and you can come visit it anytime! Do good this year!

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