THE UNPLUGGED: An Initiative by TEDxGoldenBridge

“Hardships are only momentary, endure it a little more.”

Time’s up! Why wait when the opportunity itself is coming on the way. If you are among the ones looking for a place to showcase your talent, “THE UNPLUGGED” is the perfect platform for you.

What is “The Unplugged”?

The Unplugged- An Initiative by TEDxGoldenBridge, is basically a bare platform waiting for its talented and aspiring artists to perform. We carry the idea of providing an environment to help yourself come out of the shell and to explore the glory of the world using your own strength and skills. We have witnessed numerous stories about people stepping back from their goals and the major reason seems the lack of opportunities. TEDxGoldenBridge has always believed in spreading the idea of inspiration. We believe that the biggest inspiration comes from within. This is exactly the reason why we wanted to create such a platform which not only provides the stage for our artists but also inspires others among us. The Unplugged is a helping hand for people who aspire to fly but are waiting for wings. The event focuses on making your voice

Impactful for the growth of individual and the society simultaneously. The event is not just limited to performing but it also allows you to socially engage with artists having similar and those with distinct ideas than you. It’s an event full of entertainment, learning and creating an impact.