The Red Elixir of Life

14th June was designated as World Blood Donor’s Day by the World Health Organization in 2004. The day is mentioned every year on the calendar to celebrate the unsung heroes who donate blood. Blood is necessary for any life that flourishes on earth. The color may change but the need remains persistent. A few ounces of blood gives a life second chance to live, to thrive. Even after knowing importance of this red liquid, world is still struggles with it. The privilege of obtaining blood in times of crises is available mainly to the rich ones. Even today the low and middle-income communities suffer in the need for blood. 42% of blood is donated from rich or high-income countries, which is only 16% of the total population. In 2005, WHO named this day “Thank Donor’s Day” to increase the number of donators in society. This boosted the blood donation community as number of blood donating heroes raised over the period. But the number of donors still falls short to the number of receivers. Blood becomes an important potion when it comes to a question of life and death. Every culture no matter how diverse, always believes in giving and sharing, especially when you have excess and someone needs it. Thus, more light should be focused on campaigning about blood donation to encourage youngsters to voluntarily move out to donate blood. Let’s celebrate this day as “Gift of Blood”, and save a life.  Regular blood donation camps should be arranged to increase the number of donors as well as communities should be educated regarding the importance and need to donate blood. In the end, blood donation saves a life, and saving a life is indeed a sacred act. So let’s “Raise our hands to donate the Red Elixir of Life”. 

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