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“Ek khoobsurat sa chehra, ek sacchi muskan,
Ek massom sa dil, har gham se anjaan,
Khuda par vishvas, logo par chidakti hai yeh jaan,
Yahi toh hai aaj ke hamare mehmaan, Priyanka Jain ki khaas pehchan.”

We personally felt the warm and care she has for everyone she meets and even for those who she never met. This pandemic has hit us hard and encompassed us with such a lot of cynicism. Yet some people are attempting to contact the individuals who are in need and utilizing their capacities to serve help. A colossal salute to them.

In our recent session, we had some good times and rousing discussion with Ms. Priyanka Jain who is a Model, Blogger Influencer, an IT expert, and an Entrepreneur. Yes, we asked her the same question. How can a person manage to do all of these at once? To which she replied, “Assuming you do anything with full heart and devotion, the world will get things going for you”, which came true in this case. She is among rarest who can maintain an equal balance with personal and professional life. Focusing on things is perhaps the most ideal approaches to accomplish the equilibrium. She added that she utilized herself in every possible way during the lock down period by indulging in things that she loves. She continued that the hope for getting things better and Ludo of course, kept her positive through the period.

According to her If a person wants to get into modeling and pursue this as a career, She/He can start by learning about basics of modeling and then try to dig deeper by learning from other different resources as well. Modeling is Just like any other profession. Every profession is having its pros and cons and modeling is just one of them. It is also as safe as other jobs, the only thing to be taken care of is choosing the audience and person wisely.

She has faith in a steady profession. But it is always better to have a Plan B for a convenient work life. One of the important factors a model should manifest is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence speaks in every language and it will make you stand out despite the gender, color, caste etc. Further she added that one should learn from every step they walk, even during the fall. Encouragement should be taken from every resource rather than inculcating negativity.

Overall, it was great experience throughout. Plus, she shared her experience about how TEDx helped her in staying motivated during her journey. WE ARE SO PROUD AND GRATEFUL TO BE ABLE TO RETURN THE SAME MOTIVATING ENERGY THAT YOU SHARE WITH US. We hope we will continue to do the same.

The initiative of #ideasworthinspiring is one little advance towards sharing, esteeming, and following up each other’s ideas which can further help more to follow the same.

We concluded the session with one more piece of poetry,

“Haar ko jeet ki ek dua mil gayi
Tapan Mausam mei thandi hawa mil gayi
Aajke humaare Atithi Priyanka Jain ke aane se ji yu laga
Jaise taklif ko kuch dawaa mil gayi”

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