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There's more to life than Being Happy | Emily Esfahani Smith

Take Aways:


Date: 8th May, 2020 (Friday)

TED Circles is a platform provided by TED to discuss the TED and TEDx Talks and collect opinions of communities by accommodating them into a virtual event. It empowers people to dilate their understanding about the critical and crucial topics of the Talks. It works on a monthly theme and the theme for May is ‘Life at its fullest’. To retain the theme discussions efficiently, the theme is divided into its fragments to the related TED Talks which are called as topic. Topic for this event was ‘There’s more to life than being happy’ based on the TED Talk given by Emily Esfahani Smith. The discussion was organized on a video-telephonic and online chat platform ‘Zoom’ by Mr. Harish Mehta, a motivational speaker and an elocutionist. He was the moderator of the event hosted by Mr. Harsh Thakkar. The event begun with introduction of the moderator and fellow participants which supervvapouredened on witnessing the TED Talk virtually through screen sharing. Mr. Harish Mehta started the discussion by briefing us about meaning of life. It included participants’ perception on the definition of meaning of life, what it includes and misconceptions related to it. The main idea of the discussion was to discern the actual distinction between happiness and having meaning to the life. We also had a confab about their coexistence and misinterpretation with ethics. The main points of the conversation were as follows:

  1. The marked contrast between having meaning to the life and being happy from the soul
  2. Discussing the four pillars, belonging, transcendence, purpose, and storytelling convincing the idea of having meaning the life
  3. Contradictions of perspectives whilst considering the quintessential fallacies
  4. Diverting that idea to its moral conclusion through literary aspects

A part of every participant was seeking answers to their dilemmas after watching the video. And as Mr. Harish Mehta began to guide everyone one of us through asking particular questions regarding the view points on happiness, every ounce of confusion vapoured out. The discussion was fabricating interest as more and more people are getting engaged into discussion, coming with different sources of their view points. Sir tried to clear the metaphysical haze of conjectures and pressured mindsets to amplify on a factual morality. 

Everyone got intrigued into each other’s odds. The session enlightened the cause of seeking difference between having meaning to life and happiness through understanding each pillar. The conversation captured a holistic approach, people sensed that belonging meant adding values to life, transcendence is all about augmenting self conceptual boundaries; purpose owns the ideology of giving more than receiving and storytelling leads to a good introspection. 

TED Circle Takeaways for this event given by the members are:

To live life at its fullest,

  1. Live Every Moment with Sense of Fulfilment
  2. Just have some meaning in life and it will take you so far
  3. We should always listen to what our heart says, may it be choosing what our mind is afraid to, but our heart is confident of
  4. It connotes a good which comes in degrees such that some periods of life are conceptually distinct from a happy stretch
  5. We should always work diligently on the righteous path. To serve gives satisfaction in life
  6. Slowly achieving milestones toward one’s goal. And happiness in achieving that milestones 
  7. Having a good time with you loved ones
  8. Doing the things which give you inner satisfaction
  9. When you have got what you wanted in your life and living that lifestyle
  10. Visiting places with your favorite people
  11. To get the best out of yourself each and everyday
  12. One should pursue the course to finding their purpose in life, which would surely promise them eternal bliss and benediction
  13. We must believe in our process, because it is true to our purpose.
  14. We should free ourselves from fear
  15. We should make our purpose transcendence. 

In Conclusion I’d like to say that meaning of life is all about accepting the reality of the exhaustive nature of a physical body and mental energy attached to it and living it like the last day of life. It has everything to do with the happiness but its coexistence is conceived into the true sense of being valuable and positive to oneself as well as others. Mr. Harish Mehta concluded the event by stating a small anecdote of Rajneesh Osho’s speech in which he touted Lord Krishna as a splinter as the deity enriches every splinter of the universe.  

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