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What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people? | Brett Hennig

Take Aways:


Date: 27th April, 2020 (Monday)

TEDx Circle is a virtual event where small communities gather and share their opinions on a particular community selected by the TEDx itself. So, for this month the theme was “A Changing World” where we discussed on the topic “What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people?” which is a TEDx talk by Brett Henning. The discussion was held on Skype under the special guidance of Mr. Harish Mehta who is a motivational and a key note speaker who acted as a Moderator and Mr. Harsh Thakkar as the host. He initially made us comfortable with getting into the talk since everybody was new to each other. The discussion primarily included that, will there exist a better government than the current government if we replaced elected ministers with randomly selected people. There were total of 10 members. We mainly discussed over the merits and demerits of the Sortition which is the actual term used for random selection. The motive of this discussion was to know the point of view of every other person who was included in. The main points we discussed were:

  • Will this government work better than the existing government?
  • Will people trust the randomly selected people instead of the elected ones
  • And other ideas of applying sortition to help democracies thrive better.

We came across several different ways in which we could make the existing better than it currently is. And that we already have sortition in application in our current system and it takes only people who are actually passionate to serve the purpose.

The discussion turned out to be very fruitful since we came across several new and more appealing points. Overall, it was an hour that paid off well since it helped us broaden and open up our minds to absorbing new thoughts while being neutral at the same time. And this will surely help us in future too. 

Our TED Circle takeaways for the month of April are, A change which we all want to see is:

  1. Politics should be recognized as profession instead of treating it as social work.
  2. People should start adapting the changes rather than opposing it without a genuine reason. We don’t know adapting a small change even can help millions of lives,
  3. The change in how we live together. A change to better and more qualified people to lead us in a functional democratic society. A change to the system of politics, and the perspective altogether,
  4. Corruption free country. We only have to take initiative to be corrupt free because we only are corrupted not the system,
  5. If someone get a chance to go in politics should take it in positive way. They can make the changes they want for the betterment of society. People should change their perspective towards society,
  6. Pragmatic approach to politics. We’re all politically involved and politically opinionated. It lives within us, some of us are just courageous enough to make their thoughts public and running. We need more of cultivated people to take this in a propitious direction,
  7. People should work hard to make this system better,
  8. The change in people’s perspective towards politics in general and people who are into politics should understand and be accountable for their influence on the people,
  9. People should that nothing is perfect and we need to accept it and try to improve it,
  10. More harmony and integrity in politics and politicians for each other.

On the closing note I would like to say that every system of government will work smoothly, its only matter of how we honestly respond to the same. And that accepting the fact will make it easier to improve in first place.

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