TED Circle 4.0


What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger

Take Aways:


Date: 23rd May 2020 (Saturday)

TED circle is a small platform to exchange ideas over a healthy and mindful discussion. It is a small and thoughtful event organized on a monthly basis. Every TED circle comprises of a few great and thoughtful minds to discuss over a certain topic. It also helps to enhance experience and synergies positivity in people. It synchronizes the contemplation, by thoughts, or even by the conversation between groups of people. TED circle is a great opportunity to build and change a person’s mindset in a positive way. This month’s theme is “Life at its fullest”. Every TED circle has a topic and this time the topic was “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.” Based on the TED talk given by Robert Waldinger.  The discussion was conducted on an online video-chat platform “ZOOM”. The moderator of the following TED circle was Mr. Rohan Gulrajani who is the founder of Khhushiyann which is an organization that deals with the social development, goals, and work for the betterment of society. Its motto is to spread happiness (Khhushiyann) which is in its name itself. The TED Circle was hosted by Mr. Harsh Thakkar. The TED circle was started with an introduction of the moderator and the participants. Normally, the talk started with asking people what gives them happiness. Everyone scrutinized and answered the question. 

The main points of the conversation were:

  • From the study, what were the learnings that surprised people?
  • The three big lessons addressed by Robert Waldinger and apart from these lessons what people learnt which was not covered in the talk. 
  • Implementations in the culture which are covered or not covered in the talk.
  • Other ideas apart from the talk to maintain long term relationships.

Each and every participant enrolled themselves very clearly and specifically. It was more of like an experience-enhancing talk. Coordination between everyone was maintained and no chaos was held during the talk. Every part of a person took part in the talk and gave add-ons to the ideas of each and every one.  It was fun and learning for everyone to have this talk. Seeing people grow so naturally was even satisfying. All the ideas which came up with this talk were from different sources and had a very great impact on the ideas of others. 

The takeaways for this edition are:

To live life at its fullest,

  • Smile more often and count your blessings
  • Improve your bond with people and enjoy the life with them
  • Find happiness in the small things around you
  • Embrace the power of empathy. It is imperative to prioritize people over material
  • We must initiate first step to everything that could bring a change for better
  • Be committed to your growth and learning from criticism
  • One should try to maintain long term relationships and respect them

At last, the talk was very productive and helped to know the perspectives of different people. According to me this type of talks has a different impact on the people. TED circle is a great initiative amidst this very busy and stressful life.

Hosted by TEDxGoldenBridge