TED Circle 3.0


Where joy hides and how to find it | Ingrid Fetell Lee

Take Aways:


Date: 16th May, 2020(Saturday)

TEDx Circle is a virtual event where small communities gather and share their opinions on a particular community selected by the TEDx itself. So, the theme for this month was “Life at its Fullest” where we discussed about “Where joy hides and how to find it” is a TED talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee. The moderator for this session was Rohan Gulrajani who is a socialist and was hosted by Mr. Harsh Thakkar. The point primarily at discussion was how and what brings us joy. When the session began, we were asked to point out one thing that brought us JOY or A moment of Happiness. There were total of 9 members. The primary motive of the discussion was to find out different ways in which we can find joy in smallest thing and how we can find many others in the community we live so that people find more moments of Joy. Throughout the session, we came to know how colors, shapes, symmetries affect us. The main points we discussed were:

  • We are obsessed with the pursuit of happiness, yet in the process, overlook joy.
  • Common colors, objects in abundance and sense of lightness, and where we last encountered the little moment of joy.
  • Few places in our community that would benefit from overhaul, and any other techniques that could be done to bring joy in community.
  • And lastly, any one thing that we would do right now so as to bring joy.

We came across several different ways in which every person finds different things that one or the other one overlooks. That’s what many of us enjoyed a lot. Going through the moments we have gone through several times yet overlooked the minutest detail which brings bliss and joy to us.

The discussion turned out to be enjoyable and everybody came across many things that one could actually inculcate so as to find those little moments of joy. We realized that the “Attitude of Giving” brings utmost joy. 

The takeaways for this edition of TED Circle is:

  • To live life at its fullest, embrace each moment with happiness, joy and fulfillment.
  • To live life at its fullest, we should observe every minute thing around us. Their significance is beyond our imagination.
  • To live life at its fullest, one must moderate and bring joy in the tiniest thing you do.
  • To live life at its fullest, one must search for happiness and satisfaction in everything we do.
  • To live life at its fullest one should learn to put their maximum efforts to even the simplest work one does.
  • To live life at its fullest we always should have nature of giving joy to others because “No one has ever become poor by giving”.
  • To live life at its fullest one should appreciate all small things that happen in life from spending time with family to witnessing sunsets.
  • To live life at its fullest everyone must feel the joy in everything they can.
  • To live the life at its fullest one should never stop chasing their dreams and trying in their life.
  • To live life at its fullest is enjoying doing crazy stuff the way you used to enjoy in your childhood.
  • To live life at its fullest is to design an ideal life.
  • To live life at its fullest one needs to find joy in little things which brings a smile on our face and lightens up the mood at that moment.

Overall, the session turned out to be fantastic and we shared over those small things that bring us joy and discussed about other methods of application on which the speaker Ingrid Fetell Lee talked. Lastly, I would like to say that it’s all about doing what you enjoy a lot and it would lead to JOY we all are searching for.

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