S. Hussain Zaidi

S. Hussain Zaidi Introduction

Our country is filled with great artists and the art they do is always amazing. Thomas Merton said that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” And therefore it is not easy for an artist to practice different art forms. Speaking of versatility, let’s listen to our next talented speaker who consumes different art work and is one of the famous personalities, MR HUSSAIN ZAIDI. He is India’s most prolific crime writer, a former investigative journalist, and a producer. His documentation of the Mumbai mafia in books like Dongri to Dubai, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, My Name is Abu Salem and Byculla to Bangkok is considered one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism. You may get amazed after knowing about his qualities and yes this is the reason of his hard work and creativity. 12 fantastic books were published under his imprint BLUE SALT publications. He has authored, mentored, choreographed and presented under the aegis of the same publication house. Not only his writing skills are wonderful but also he is roped as Creative Consultant for the series. And the list of his work still continues as he is also a good producer which led him to launch his own production company GOLDEN PEN. So not taking much time let’s get inspired by this personality.