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Want to be favorite of yourself? Your first step may be is accepting your body—or body acceptance—rather than trying to love your body every single day (although that’s a great goal too!).

How to show love to your body? Try not to compare yourself to other. One highly common cognitive distortion that individuals have is mind-reading, so assuming that we know what other people are thinking about us and generally assuming that their views about us are unpleasant. To avoid this, we just need to work on our thinking by “noticing those thoughts, practicing on being able to confront them, and replacing them with a more realistic thought pattern.”

Start appreciating your body for what it does rather than what it looks like by recognizing what it does for you, whether it’s going on a walk or simply getting you through a difficult day. This shift in perspective can also help us overcome the misconception that buying more beauty products, cosmetics, or clothes will make us feel better about ourselves.

Also, the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination that LGBTQ community can face often leads to higher levels of stress. If we as human can help a little to them, is by accepting them and not to criticize them for their bodies. When we will accept them as they are, they will more willingly accept themselves!

Here’s some ways to accept yourself as it is:

  • Learn to love yourself first
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Practice self-care
  • Take up a hobby
  • Learn to be okay on your own
  • Do your own thing
  • Forgive yourself
  • Live for today
  • Give yourself the grace you give to others
  • No one is perfect and that’s okay!

If this is not enough you can take up inspiration from great quotes like:

~ “Dear Body, you were never a problem. There is nothing wrong with your size, color, shape… you’re good enough already.”

~ “You can’t eat beauty, it doesn’t sustain you. What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion, for yourself and those around you. That kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.” –Lupita Nyong’

~ “One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body.” -Gabourey Sidibe

~ “My body is not yours to critique and discuss. My body is not yours for consumption. My body is my vessel. An archive of experiences. A weapon that has fought battles only I understand. A library of love, pain, struggle, victory, and mystery. Your eyes cannot define all it has endured. Do not place value upon my body, place it upon my being.” – Sophie Lewis

Our bodies cannot truly be hidden, no matter how many outfits we wear. No matter how many clothes we own. No matter how much we suck it in. Doesn’t it seem like a better use of our time to just accept the fact that our bodies are our bodies and live our lives like there is no tomorrow? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes!

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