Life Skills – A Need?

Life Skills - A Need?

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When I started writing this article, I was not sure what to write. There are a plethora of things that we can relate to when it comes to “skills.” So, I decided to do some research. I noticed the links that appeared when I searched the word ‘skills’ revolving around the subject of resume. The blogs & articles were all about the skills to put on a resume and the skills that are useful to earn money. It kept me thinking about why skills are associated with earning only.

 The definition of skills says that it is something that a person is naturally talented in. I do not disagree but why natural talents? I mean yeah, skills like painting, singing or maybe even dancing is something that a person might develop when he/she is a child. But there’s more to skills than just painting, singing, technical skills, etc. Skills can be how you talk to a person in a professional environment, it can be how you react to certain things or situations in life. 

If skills were to be restricted to natural talents, there would have not been successful entrepreneurs or marketers, because these skills are not inborn. A Skill takes time to nourish, takes interest to grow & takes dedication to shape up. Not every talent you have ought to be in your resume. Probably, gardening is a skill that I developed over the years but I need not mention it to earn money. 

 What I mean is, skills are not always something natural, it can be developed with time and can be inculcated with proper guidance. Skills should not only be used as a medium to earn money. Some skills help an individual to grow mentally and live a healthy life (physically and mentally). As a result, it is critical to teach children skills that will not only assist them in finding work or earning money but will also boost growth during their childhood years, allowing them to grow into talented individuals with crucial life skills.

 The Youth have the power to change the world. But this is only possible when we know how to use our skills in the right direction. For example, we all know how to use social media and the internet. We know all the features of Instagram for an instance, but how we use this platform is what matters the most. We all have access to the internet, and we have all of the knowledge we require at our fingertips; nevertheless, it is up to us to determine how to use this information for personal growth and to make a difference.

 We all have one or another skill but to use it in the right direction, is also a skill. I read this line yesterday and it hit me hard. It says, ‘you don’t always have to make a big difference or you don’t always have to bring a big difference, try making small changes and it will lead you to the bigger difference’. For instance, when you want a clean city, you don’t directly go out and ask everyone to clean the city. You first start by cleaning your house, and then your surroundings. Everyone around you starts noticing and they will then try to do the same and in the same way the chain grows. This is how even life works.

 Life skills and soft skills are some of the fundamentals that should be taught to all children from an early age. Aside from literature, knowledge of how the tax system works, how to manage resources, and how to say no without feeling guilty should be instilled in children from an early age so that when they are adults, they will know how to react to a given circumstance or be in a given location. I’m in no position to give parenting advice here but when I as youth see this world changing so rapidly, I sometimes feel like I’m not enough when it comes to certain things like I sometimes am not able to say no and end up exhausting myself from overworking. This is just one issue, there are many other things that I feel I would have been taught in my childhood.

So, this World Youth Skills Day, let’s take an oath to start by making small differences by teaching kids some life skills in their childhood to make them into youth that has the power to change the world!

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