International Biodiversity Day

Biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the variety of life that exists and is known to humanity. The day is labeled as the day of Biological Diversity to educate and apprise the community regarding a need to protect the known diverse and rich species we have. The day stands to imply the importance of working together in harmony with nature and how we are an integral part of the biodiversity itself. If we take a deeper look, we as humans have developed so much over this large period of our existence, be it in terms of physical attributes, resistance to natural dangers, or adjusting with nature itself. We have flourished excellently in the past but if we take a look at the past few decades only, we will realize that we have not changed for good. Instead, we are the ones that have led to drastic changes in the nature and the ecosystem has been disturbed at an alarming rate. We must not forget that we’re a part of the biodiversity too and that our activities will eventually lead to the downfall of mankind. The major factors that affect the diversity are over-population, pollution that has led to irregular climate changes, and degradation of habitat which eventually disturbs the ecosystem and hence harming our kind. We at times forget that we cannot survive without this biologically diverse nature. Resources from biological diversity are the pillars on which we build civilizations. For example, fish supply nearly 3 billion people with 20% of animal protein. Plants provide more than 80% of the human diet. In a few developing countries, up to 80 percent of people living in rural areas rely on traditional plant-based basic health care medicines. This biodiversity has been a soul to our nourishment over the years and now it is only upon us to save it from further harm. Given the current scenario, the nature has healed. This shows that there exist things in nature that gloom better when left untouched. But since we depend on the other life too i.e. nature and ecosystem, it is not possible to survive without them. So we must utilize this time to improve our social, emotional, and economical thoughts as well as behavior towards every biologically diverse species. It is time to come up with more sustainable solutions for the survival and development of the biodiversity.  As the United Nation states, use this time to “Build Back Better”. So, let us use this time to break the trend of damaging the diverse life and start afresh with a goal of a better tomorrow.

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