Father’s Day – A day to thank your hero.

Father’s Day – A day to thank your hero

The idea of a special day to celebrate and honor fatherhood was first introduced in the United States back in 1910. However, it is remarkable to note that the idea of observing a day for fathers has been appreciated by Indians to a large extent. Millions of people in India observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June by expressing gratitude for their father or men who are like father to them.

From picking his child from school and dropping him to his tuition class, a father’s life eventually becomes all about his kids and his family. Fathers spend major part of their existence as a life coach, an entertainer, a protector, a playmate, a BFF, and a lot more than that. Father’s Day is the time to appreciate him with our love, gratitude, and maybe an appetizing Father’s Day cake.

The celebration of Father’s Day is a reminder for us about both the importance and the challenges of fatherhood. Fathers don’t always get to enjoy the glow of intimacy and admiration we give our mothers. Indeed, fathers have the cultural image of breadwinner, disciplinarian, authority figure. Traditionally, our culture has often put fathers into a very difficult and strenuous role. They must be aloof, but intimate; must earn the wage, but be present at the same time; must be compassionate, but disciplinarian. More often than not, fathers have to feel the burden of their responsibilities but are conditioned not to show it. That sometimes interferes with both their ability to express affection, and our ability to recognize it. 

A day dedicated to celebrating fatherhood can sometimes be difficult for any number of people. Among them are men and women who lost their fathers when they were quite young, and those who have experienced rocky relationships with their dads. There are men who have regrets about their role as fathers, and men who could not become fathers for some reason or the other. We cannot even try to imagine the pain that might be gushing through the veins of such strong and constantly coping souls. However, let’s make sure we make this day less hard for them. We can hold their hands and share their pains. We can remind each other that alongside us are countless others balancing hope, wishes, love, and loss on this and every Father’s Day.

To all the dads out there, we appreciate your existence and the often silent but impactful role you have played in our lives. Make sure to show these deserving men the special place they have in your life and what influence they have on you.

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