The gift and power of emotional courage | Susan David

Take Aways:


Date:6th june, 2020 (saturday)

TED circles are hosted by a group of people, individuals, or as a duo.  It is certainly a platform where people are allowed and free to share their creative ideas and are able to communicate with new people and can know other perspectives about TED. so, basically TED circles are taken into consideration with a new theme every month and this month’s theme is “Resilience”. A very subtle and heart touching talk “The gift and power of emotional courage” for the session was chosen which was delivered by “Susan David”. The following session was moderated by “Ms. Shikha Koradia” and hosted by “Ms. Ruchi Topi”.

The event began with the introduction of the moderator and fellow participants. Ms. Shikha Koradia began the talk by giving a brief point of view, about what she can generate from the talk or what she can relate with. The TED Talk by Susan David had a calm and subtle effect. It was all about the emotions of a person and how they should handle them. And how she handled the situations when there were difficult times for her.

The main points to cover for the talk were:

  • How people mitigate feelings when their inner world and emotions affect the outer world and other people?
  • How do people feel when they are able to talk about difficult emotions and experience rather than suppressing it?
  • Ever did they feel about ignoring their emotions?
  • In what way people could incorporate David’s advice to their real lives?

During the session, everyone was cooperating and the most beautiful thing about the session was, people were able to relate themselves with each other. The moderator did a fabulous job of moderating and influencing people with her thoughts. She even tried her best to simplify herself as much as she could and made each and every point clear.

 Each and every person present in the session kept their points very simple and clean to understand. All the participants were fully involved in the session. Everyone’s influence was super cool and meaningful.  The talk in-between became a kind of emotional and cheerfulness that was brought by sharing a good amount of positive emotion and it was cheerful. Takeaways for this event are:

To be resilient,

  1. Is to be sanguine and strong from the inner self and create a pragmatic environment.
  2. Believe in yourself and cope up with the difficulties you face.
  3. Be oneself, because it reflects not only you but others too in order to withstand conditions.
  4. Everyone should have a purpose in life.
  5. One should always be practical and gentle towards their emotions and hard times.
  6. Embrace change and be optimistic.
  7. Master your own emotions before they manage you.
  8. We should know how to tackle difficulties.
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