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This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series

Take Aways:


Date: May 30, 2020 (Saturday)

About the session: A zoom meeting, report from TEDxGoldenBridge

Theme: Life at its fullest

Subject: This is what employees make happy at work.

A talk was held between the thoughtful minds to find a solution and discuss their opinions about the ways for making employees happy at work. A group of people were involved in the conversation so deeply pouring their heart down. Every person being a part of this session had an opinion of their own which was always welcomed.

We discussed all the possible ways which would fetch happiness and satisfaction to an employee. We were given to watch a video regarding the subject and we were asked to answer several questions pre-session. 

The gist of the whole talk: 

  • Making employees feel valued.
  • Maintaining work life balance.
  • Being recognised.
  • Listening and mentoring the thoughts of the employees.
  • Appreciating the employees.
  • Maintaining equality and integrity amongst every worker irrespective their job positions.
  • Trusting and Respecting every employee
  • Make them feel comfortable at their work space by stocking their favourite magazines, creating a game room for them and arranging a Library for them at their work space.
  • To place a therapist or a mental health counsellor at every work place who takes care of the proper mental health of the employee.

The session was moderated by Ms. Aishwarya Kalro (Social Entrepreneur and Founder – ‘Social Pukar’) and the session was hosted by Ms. Mahek Manek (A law student). The moderator and the host entertained the thoughts and made it pretty easy to be themselves which eased the discussion. They were really commendable and we all relished being a part of such fruitful talk.

The takeaways for this edition are:

To live life at its fullest,

  • One should have avoided negativity and try to have a positive mindset and cheerful nature towards everything
  • Be proactive and commit to your goals.
  • Envision the whole of you and even the unfinished parts and be the favourite one of yourself first.
  • Find your Ikigai whilst living every moment 
  • We must accept the reality and love ourselves. We must live each and every moment by doing the things that we love, that makes us happy
  • We must make our passion our work, or bring the passion into our work, coz together we enjoy the life more rather than complaining about it
  • Take more risks and deciding what is important to me 
Hosted by TEDxGoldenBridge