Captain Dharamveer Singh

Captain Dharamveer Singh

From the name and rank, one would get to know that we are going to listen to an inspiring personality famously known by his insta Id Capt DVS. Yes, perhaps those who are aspirants of defence forces would already follow him to remain motivated. Apart from this sir has been part of various TED talks before this virtual event and have inspired youngsters through his some solid dialogues (Mauka milta nahi banana padta hai) , & ( success only matters when its cherished along with other people) and many more.

Being a veteran, he had adventurous life which he utilised by becoming part of reality shows like Khatro ke Khiladi and part of mountaineering team.

His mantra to stay fit is, to be at his 20’s even in his 40’s. He enjoys all kind of cuisine and spends time with family. He is best example of person having balanced approach for his personal, social, family goals. He motivates every age group through his words and actions.

Sir is going to shed light on the signals he has received in his life and how he has adhered the rules and followed the traffic signals of life.  His involvement in multidisciplinary activities has given him wisdom to talk about the signals any individual gets in life and would boost josh in everyone, post his talks. He is a person who believes in taking a pause like the yellow signal of traffic to reconfigure/resettle life vehicle to quick start at green signal.

So, at the end everyone’s morale is gonna reach cloud 9, and the learning sir will tell will help every individual.