“Act now: End child labour!”

“Act now: End child labour!”

By Nuzhat Mansoori


Imagine a life completely opposite to yours. A life with no freedom to dream. A life of yours that is not even controlled by you. A life where you wish you had no life. This is just a fiction yet it becomes difficult to put ourselves in that place. But there are people who are living such a life in reality.

A mind of an adult thinks according to their past experiences and environments and this is one among the factors that marks the importance of childhood. Whenever we talk about childhood we always talk about dreams and future, ignoring the fact of the childhood phase itself. Whatever we see, listen, experience or feel becomes our way of perception and therefore becomes our way of living.

A mind of child is equivalent to water. Vast and flexible. It is our responsibility as adults to maintain its purity and purpose.

In a time, line when we are dealing with approximately 152 million children (and increasing) still trapped into the child labour, it becomes more necessary to take an action and preserve our young talents.

Child labour has become a worldwide topic of discussion. Most of us have already heard/witnessed stories of such incidents. This year we are aiming to act rather than discuss. Today, June 12 marked as “World Day Against Child Labour” is dedicated to the ideas and acts that aims for a world with childhoods that are free of labour, which is one of the huge factors responsible for poverty, mental illness, termination in self growth, illiteracy, and many more. Such factors not only affect the children personally but also affects their future and the economy as well.

Many of the countries in the world are facing this problem. Numerous leaders are even trying to engage in activities to help in eliminating the child labour. Children who are being trapped may not be even aware about what wrong is happening to them.

A plant must be fed with appropriate proteins, sunlight and water to bloom organically. Similarly, a growing child should be treated in a way that is helpful for them as well as their surroundings in their lives ahead. This responsibility is not just limited to their parents and teachers, but it is a duty of us as well if we want to see ourselves living in a peaceful environment.

Various sites will provide information about the problems and solutions regarding the issue and if you are reading this, we believe that you are actively participating in the act of bringing initiatives to preserve the youth.

We might have written several articles and speeches about child labour as a student, but starting from now let’s not just keep this issue merely as a topic instead let’s take this as a form of duty.

There will be less than 10% of the population who actually wants to understand and participate in bringing the change. You can become among those 10% of the world’s population.

A fresh start is never too late. Let’s start by educating ourselves about the cause and effects of child labour. We must not forget that the government (across the world) has already taken action and made certain laws to prevent children further.

Each one of us deserves to be happy, healthy and safe.

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